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at the market shed

a few shots of the action The Tea Catcher style at the Market Shed at Holland St, City…thanks again to all the fine punters and stallholders and we look forward to seeing you all in the New Year….oh last minute#presents still available if needed….!
( am happy to courier ) http://theteacatcher.com.au/?page_id=16

NEW – Tea from China


These too will soon make it into the shop but until then a quick list of prices and links to info on each…there are some real beauties in this bunch…grab at least a few small ones and give them a run,…they can pour and pour…

Not all tea was ordered in large numbers, but as small batch runs to keep fresh and give those interested in tasting the premium teas a chance…so get in quick….*

Tea 50g 100g sample
 2013 Autumn Fujian Anxi Benshan 10x10g $14.00 $25.00 $3/10g
 2012 Spring Anxi Slight-fire Roasting “Yan Cha” Oolong Tea 100g * $15.00 $28.00 $3.5/10g
 2013 Spring Slight Charcoal Roasted Zhangping Shui Xian Mini Cakes (6x9g) * $18.00 $35.00 $4/9g
 2012 Autumn Heavy Charcoal Roasted Zhangping Shui Xian Mini Cake 10gx5 * $30.00 $3.7/10g
 2013 Spring Te Ji Grade Lianghe “Hui Long” Green Tea 100g $12.00 $22.00 $3/10g
 2013 Yunnan Simao Premium Green Tea “Gao Shan Yin Ya” 50g * $12.00 $22.00 $5/10g
 2012 Autumn Naka Bamboo Tea 100g (from 500g original pack) * $14.00 $25.00 $3/10g
 2012 Chawangpu Yiwu Zheng Shan Qiaomu Xiao Bing Cha 200g *
 2007 Banzhang Tuocha Raw 250g $20.00 $38.00 $2.5/10g
 2009 Ripe Puerh Tea Paste “Cha Gao” 25g $0.30/each
 2009 Langhe TF Menghai Ripe Mini “Chen Xiang” Fang Zhuan 100g (6g per square) * $2.00 $2
 2009 Langhe TF Menghai 7269 “901″ 357g $50.00 $2/10g
 2002 Fu Cha Ju Ailaoshan Ripe Tuo Cha 100g $35.00 $4/10g
 2013 Mo Li Long Zhu Hua Cha (Jasmine Dragon Pearl Green Tea) 100g $15.00 $29.00 $3.5/10g
 2011 Raw Puerh Tea Paste “Cha Gao” 25g $0.30/each
 2013 Fujian Waishan Xiaozhong – Lapsang Souchong AA grade 100g $12.00 $22.00 $3/10g
 2013 Fujian Lapsang Souchong AA grade 100g $15.00 $29.00 $3.5/10g
 2013 Simao Gao Shan Hong Cha 100g $12.00 $21.00 $2.5/10g
 2013 Spring Jinggu “Yue Guang Bai” Loose Tea 100g $12.00 $21.00 $2.5/10g


NEW teaware just landed….!

Samples no more, all of these tea accessories on the shelf in multiple numbers…(and a little more is still to come…)
though some 3 pieces, some 20, get in fast if keen….a perfect #gift..orders over $50 will get to you, if local enough, before the 25th…!
some great teas to be posted ASAP too to drown in these lovely pots…
(before they make the shop just send us a word if keen theteacatcher@gmail.com)

great new shipment from nepal

So finally The Tea Catcher has his face out in the public and, new sales combined with the previous constant trickle of tea sales, the larder was nearly bare….!

To the rescue the fab team supplying us from Nepal…..et viola, nearly 50kg of super re-ordered Tea Catcher favourites (New Season Fresh Guranse Organics-green, first, second, autumn flushes, Earl Grey, Arya Tara Silver Tips

and more) AND FRESH NEW TEAS (inc. Jun Chiyabari Himalayan Jade Hand-rolled Organic 2nd flush(*see below), Mountain Dew Hand-rolled Special first flush, Sandakphu Hand-rolled Oolong)….yum and yippee…!

NB due to the fluctuations in the $A prices of the new season teas will likely rise a little, so head to the shop now or the markets thursdays and sundays, and help clean the shelves and grab some bargains….

The 200g teas will exit the online store soon to make room for new teas but bulk prices always available from theteacatcher@gmail.com

And all of the new teas will be reviewed, priced and posted ASAP…