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The Tea Catcher

About The Tea Catcher

1997-2001  The Tea Catcher  lived, travelled, worked and studied in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Italy and the Czech Republic. During this time he drank much tea and visited tea growing regions.

2001-2009  Was spent mostly in Europe working with fine foods and olive oils in Italy, wine in Switzerland and tea in Prague. It was here in the cold winter months that The Tea Catcher passion was ignited. Much time was spent in the many tea rooms found all over the Czech Rep., drinking, learning and assisting, and also with The Tea Mountain (.cz) as his business began and grew.

2010-today  on return to Australia, The Tea Catcher seed, planted years ago, began its’ growth, leading to the purveyor of “the finest teas and accoutrements, sourced worldwide” that you see today. New teas, pots etc are constantly being chased, studied, sampled and ordered to bring the freshest, best and most interesting to you as soon as possible. Watch this space…..!


…and enjoy…!

cheers, Stu

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