2020 The Binfire Edition

Well, it’s been a mad old year already uh..?!?

Drought, fires and now the at-home lock-in of a world wide pandemic, just as we slowly seemed to be getting some traction.

A lack of markets and the closing of most of our wonderful cafe/ restaurant clients has forced The Tea Catcher to finally start to dust off the mess that has been our website and try and have it ready for YOU, in order to try and eek out a small income.

The Webshop has finally been 99% populated with teas and a few of the teaware tools with which to prepare your tea are now available.

Please consider heading in there and picking up a few items for yourself or loved ones or even grabbing a gift card/voucher for a later date or gift.

As we try to physically isolate so as to minimise the danger of this virus throughout our society, the culture of tea may be of some small comfort and solace.

Teas are light and simple to mail with the postie or courier picking them up at my door and quickly delivering them to yours. Simple and safe.

Above all, please take care, stay at home where possible and DO yell out if there is any way that i can help to make this just a little less worse. Thanks, Stu (aka The Tea Catcher, The Tea Man, The Tea Guy, that Grey Bearded Grump etc etc)

Welcome to The Tea Catcher’s web-shop…

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