The Guranse Tea Estates

The Guranse Tea Estates

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Named after the Nepali national flower, the rhododendron, the Guranse Tea Estate is situated at an altitude between 3300 and 7300 feet above sea level, located at Dhankuta, Hile, eastern Nepal. Probably one of the highest tea gardens in the world it produces one of the best teas. In order produce exquisite tea enriched with delectable ‘muscatel’ flavor with superb aroma, the bushes need to grow breathing pure mountain air, filled with just the right combination of sun, shade and rain that are abundant in the eastern hills of Nepal, below the majestic Mount Everest and mount Makalu.

In 1842, a Chinese emperor presented precious gifts of an exquisite variety of tea seeds to the then Prime minister of Nepal. With the vision of putting Nepal in the global position as one of the best tea producing countries in the world, Colonel Thapa started tea plantations in the eastern districts of Nepal in 1843.

Guranse Tea’s guiding principle in its operation is your total satisfaction. Thus, only high quality, pure, fresh tea leaves are selected and processed at its factory which incorporates the latest, state-of-the-art equipment and technology.

Enthroned amidst gently rolling hills stretching up to the snow-capped peaks and trailing down to crystal clear, running mountain streams, nothing but the best is produced here. Guranse tea adds another dimension to technology, in which science harmoniously blends with nature.

Guranse Tea Estate has planted pure young and vibrant cloned bushes,unique to the area, which were developed after years of extensive research and development in tea research industries. Only two leaves and one bud is meticulously plucked by skilled hands and processed in the factory under intensive quality control. This ensures premium teas rich in flavor and aromas keeping in mind the choice of international buyers on taste and health importance.

The first certified organic tea garden in Nepal, also uses biodynamic methods- Guranse Tea Estate, certified Organic by NASAA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia Ltd (NASAA)

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