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  • …the morning after…

    …the morning after… September 28, 2013 the aftermath of late night Chinese tea tasting…overflowing pots with spent but still beautiful leaf.. many cups went through the 2 pots and gaiwan on the tea tray..glass pot-”white peony”, gaiwan- “gao yin ya” green, clay pot- autumn anxi benshan oolong (fresh pot and cup- Nepali special organic oolong) the […]

  • New to The Tea Catcher Quiver

    New to The Tea Catcher Quiver June 7, 2013 “A man without tea in him is incapable of understanding truth and beauty.” Okakura Kakuzo, The Book of Tea (1906) Tasting cup and Gaiwan One of a new pair of Japanese Gaiwan; great for making Green, White and Oolong Teas. for more information on teas, preparation, prices […]

  • cold weather tea warmth

    cold weather tea warmth June 14, 2013 tea party- A Group of Artists “Now stir the fire, and close the shutters fast, Let fall the curtains, wheel the sofa round, And while the bubbling and loud-hissing urn Throws up a steamy column, and the cups, That cheer but not inebriate, wait on each, So let us […]

  • Teaism

    ‘Teaism’ japanese tea ceremony “When tea is more than a drink and the tea ceremony is understood and practiced to foster harmony in humanity, promote harmony with nature, discipline the mind, quiet the heart, and attain the purity of enlightenment, the art of tea becomes teaism. The term “chadao” has two words, the first being […]

  • Afternoon Tea

    Afternoon Tea May 29, 2013 “…meanwhile let us have a cup of tea. The afternoon glow is brightening the bamboos, the fountains are bubbling with delight, the soughing(sighing?) of the pines is heard in our kettle. Let us dream of evanescence and linger in the beautiful foolishness of things.” Kakuzo Okakura, The Book of Tea,[wiki]1906 for […]

  • The Guranse Tea Estates

    The Guranse Tea Estates Named after the Nepali national flower, the rhododendron, the Guranse Tea Estate is situated at an altitude between 3300 and 7300 feet above sea level, located at Dhankuta, Hile, eastern Nepal. Probably one of the highest tea gardens in the world it produces one of the best teas. In order produce […]

  • Tea Tasting

    Tea tasting April 24, 2013 A tasting through the seasons, spring to autumn harvests, with, from right to left, Organic Guranse Handrolled First Flush SFTGFOP, Darjeeling Jungapana Muscatel Wonder Tea Dj-139 and Kuwapani Autumn Flush lot #kp-45. The tasty new regime begins…why not start yours….? for more information on teas, preparation, prices etc contact stu- […]

  • 4 x 10g sample packs

    The Tea Catcher NEWS FOR SEASONAL ENJOYMENT NEW 4X10g SAMPLE PACKS $12– your choice or mine, get an introduction to the highest quality Tea Catcher teas (each with info sheet and ‘how to..’) for yourself or gift a loved one (a great addition to a teapot gift too…! and free post on taster packs solo…!) […]