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  • website update- Herbal tisanes

    I am slowly but surely getting the webpage dusted off and up-to-date…. A link here to new pages on Herbal Tisanes for those that need a late night or tasty, healthy drink…. For news on Sun Dried Wild Rose buds, Superior Chrysanthemum, Tulsi Herbal Tonic or the soon to arrive Rooibos, click on the link […]

  • new to the tasting table..

    some late night Silver Needles tea tasting has led to a wee dust off of the weblog… i will try to retrospectively add some posts and do my best to keep a little more on top of posts here for all those not keen on Fbookery… and so- fresh teas to the tasting table, bagged […]

  • more on the market shed

    here cool, huh….!

  • at the market shed

    a few shots of the action The Tea Catcher style at the Market Shed at Holland St, City…thanks again to all the fine punters and stallholders and we look forward to seeing you all in the New Year….oh last minute#presents still available if needed….! ( am happy to courier ) http://theteacatcher.com.au/?page_id=16

  • NEW teaware just landed….!

    Samples no more, all of these tea accessories on the shelf in multiple numbers…(and a little more is still to come…) though some 3 pieces, some 20, get in fast if keen….a perfect #gift..orders over $50 will get to you, if local enough, before the 25th…! some great teas to be posted ASAP too to […]

  • great new shipment from nepal

    So finally The Tea Catcher has his face out in the public and, new sales combined with the previous constant trickle of tea sales, the larder was nearly bare….! To the rescue the fab team supplying us from Nepal…..et viola, nearly 50kg of super re-ordered Tea Catcher favourites (New Season Fresh Guranse Organics-green, first, second, […]

  • a sneeky quick one before sundown…and surprise..!

    a sneeky quick one before sundown…and surprise..! October 2, 2013 i can’t purport to be an expert on Chinese black/red teas but the quick tasting cup of 2013 Simao Gao Shan Hong Cha from Yunnan was fab…rich, smooth/unctuous with no bitterness or astringency and a lip smacking fruity follow through…cool… black teas in stock NOW for […]

  • steeled for the sheng

    steeled for the sheng October 2, 2013   i havn’t drunk too much raw puerh apart from handfull sizes birds nests the china town used to stock….   i reckon my brewing methods were more than a little off…back on track i had a crack last night and today (only daytime photos)…   some to learn […]

  • goofy foot gaiwan

    goofy foot gaiwan September 27, 2013 sneaky pre meeting backhanded brew… a little too much tea maybe but who needs a short black…! Mountain Dew Handrolled 2013 Nepali Tea reversed from fairness cup as steeping vessel to gaiwan as cup…handy lid… 2013 mountain dew special handrolled nepali tea a tasty, fruity kaBAM…!!   enjoy….! have a […]

  • night cap- head down, bum up

    night cap- head down, bum up September 27, 2013 and finally as a nightcap i couldn’t resist sticking this little fellas nose in a cup… 2012 spring anxi light roast “yan cha” oolong…yum yum yum… i will be getting more of this to share…yep, that good i reckon.. how many more pots before sleep i wonder….? […]