keemun time

keemun time

next up a 2013 keemun-

a Chinese tea classic…a quite broken dark leaf, deep and warm in tone, fresh taste and clean finish…hmmm

(hey fine folk @ThreeDRadio listeners down south, send me yr deets, i will send of a sample and you can tell me if it’s up to chop…..?)

2013 Keemun sample

2013 Keemun sample

anyway, that’s said so off to the 6th? steep of 2013 yunnan yue guang bai (moonlight) tea’s not white not oolong..each pour a little change in tone and taste….small pots, many cups…(and only about 15 more samples to try yet…tough job this tea catching…!)


have a sniff around or head to the shop !

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