Imperial Grade Yue Guan Bai


Yue Guang Bai (also known as Moon light) is not easily classified. In many ways, it is similar to white tea, but produced differently. Yue Guang Bai is specially wilted – without access to sun light. This results in a nice contrast between dark-toned leaves and silver tips. Initially tasting like oolong tea, in further infusions, it starts to taste like red (black) tea.

This Yue Guang Bai is from Jinggu area of Yunnan Province, China where two leaves and a bud, or one leaf and a bud are picked in spring. The brewed tea in first infusions is light yellow, late infusions a deep orange. The taste is fruity, sweet and fresh. This tea can be stored for long time like Pu-erh.

Steep again and again for initially short times at approximately 90deg.C.

25g $10, 50g $18