Dong Ding Taiwanese Oolongs

Dong Ding Taiwanese Oolongs 50g

Dongding (凍頂), also spelled Tung-ting, is a famous oolong tea from Taiwan and also the name of the mountain on which the tea is grown. The original plants were brought from China’s Wuyi Mountains in Fujian Province in the 18th century.

Defined by both the location of the tea gardens and the traditional oxidation (20-40%)/roasting (moderate) process, which both add favour and extend the ‘shelf life’, Dong Ding oolongs are well known for their honey and roasted grain aroma and the best a floral/fruity vivacity that continues long after drinking.

Made by our favourite tea farmer (and family) Master Su (a real character), The Tea Catcher Dong Ding oolongs have been grown and processed in the traditional manner, without the use of irrigation or chemicals, and hand picked, sorted and roasted to reveal the best the teas have to offer. Three varieties are available in small batch release- light, medium-light and stronger roasting– in order to taste and learn the wonderful subtleties of these amazing teas.

25g $12, 50g $22