Superior Grade Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum tea has many purported medicinal uses, including an aid in recovery frominfluenza, acne and as a “cooling” herb.

White Chrysanthemum

White Chrysanthemum

According to traditional Chinese medicine and Indian Ayurveda the tea can aid in the prevention of sore throat and promote the reduction of fever as well as clear the liver, the eyes and skin.

In Korea, it is known well for its medicinal use for making people more alert and is often used as a pick-me-up.

In western herbal medicine, Chrysanthemum tea is drunk or used as a compress to treat circulatory disorders such as varicose veins and atherosclerosis.

Chrysanthemum can be repeatedly steeped in water from 90-95 deg.C for refreshing, tasty, non-caffeinated herbal delight.

Contraindicated for pregnancy.

20g $7

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