Organic Chinese Matcha (green tea powder)

organic chinese matcha (green tea powder)

matcha (green tea powder)

matcha (green tea powder)

High grade spring green tea grown in the Jiangxi province of China at an altitude of 1500-1600 meters was ground with the finest technology to 3.75 microns.  Such a fine grinding allows the green tea powder to dissolve easily in cold or hot water, literally melting onto your tongue and mouth! (and through digestion availing the body of as much of the Anti-oxidants and Flavinoids as possible….!)

Great for drinking matcha style, food preparation,’latte’ style (1/2t per cup with milk, soy, almond etc) or smoothies to give your day a healthy boost…!

matcha latte

matcha latte

USDA and EU Certified Organic

May 2013 harvest, August 2013 freshly ground!

find it at a market near you

or in the shop 20g- $5, 40g- $10

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