jungapana org. SF muscatel

jungapana org. SF muscatel

Jungapana Org. Darjeeling Muscatel second flush-
A very nice Second Flush tea from one of the best classic tea gardens of Darjeeling (china bush- planted from seed not cuttings or clones) harvested in the first weeks of June.
Grown in an area found during a patrol searching for water (pani) for the king (jung), whilst warring with the English and Sikkimese, a stream was found and the tea garden later founded.

Dry, the tea has a classic dark bigger leaf with a fair amount of silvery and light golden tips, and a pleasant thick aroma of forest honey, Dutch cocoa and ripe blackberries.
After steeping for 5 minutes we get a dark golden orange sparkling cup with a well balanced medium to heavy taste of the classic Darjeeling teas and hints of mature forest fruits, honey, chocolate and muscatel.

A beautiful tea suited to the lovers of big, bold, full bodied teas with layers of flavour…yum.!

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