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Hi and Welcome to The Tea Catcher's NEW webpage.......

…so the paint is still pretty fresh and some nails may be poking out….

…and some doors momentarily may open to nowt…

but i hope you still have fun….

(drum roll @#&^$%#(*&)…

The Tea Catcher, sourcing the best and freshest teas sourced from the the best tea gardens in India, Nepal, Japan, China, Sri Lanka and more… ‘how to’ and ‘info’ sheets for each tea, including information on tea preparation and provenance…..

fine tea pots and cups to better enjoy the multi-dimensions of fresh, quality loose leaf tea….

filters, strainers, kettles and books will be arriving weekly to add to the array of accoutrements to enhance and simplify the beauty of the tea drinking experience….

have a sniff around,

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(don’t forget the seasonal gift giving thing….what better than tea and tea toys….?)

for more information on teas, preparation, prices etc

contact stu- theteacatcher@gmail.com


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it’s likely that tea tasting in the light of day may lead to a clearer, scientific and objective review…this does not always however, allow for the mood and mystery of time and place…(but certainly makes it easier to photograph…!) often for me the times post 10pm allow the calm, quiet and stillness of myself, and

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I am slowly but surely getting the webpage dusted off and up-to-date…. A link here to new pages on Herbal Tisanes for those that need a late night or tasty, healthy drink…. For news on Sun Dried Wild Rose buds, Superior Chrysanthemum, Tulsi Herbal Tonic or the soon to arrive Rooibos, click on the link

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some late night Silver Needles tea tasting has led to a wee dust off of the weblog… i will try to retrospectively add some posts and do my best to keep a little more on top of posts here for all those not keen on Fbookery… and so- fresh teas to the tasting table, bagged

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